MotoGP evolution

MotoGP is the most outstanding motorcycling category, where the best riders participate with the most competitive motorcycles built by the most important manufacturers. Power and speed at the command of world motorcycling champions.

If you are a fan of the roar of engines, you cannot miss this talk that proposes to go through a series of topics that range from the preparation of the motorcycles to the challenges of driving, through team management, and through the view and the experience of the most outstanding pilots and specialists.

The meeting will have the participation of Martín Urruty and Gustavo Morea, sports journalists specialized in motorcycling and MotoGP commentators on ESPN for Latin America. A luxury guest will be part of the meeting via zoom: José Manuel Cazeaux, Aprilia MotoGP Team Manager.

Key information

Evolución MotoGP

Date: Friday May 26, 2023
Time: 3:00 p.m.
Speakers: Martín Urruty, Gustavo Morea
Guest via zoom: José Manuel Cazeaux, Aprilia MotoGP Team Manager.

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