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Press registration

It is essential that you manage your registration beforehand the beginning of Salón Moto.

Our main intention is to give those journalists and media that work reliably and with great commitment to the sector the opportunity to visit and report from the trade center. This way, they will optimize their time and maximize their work, thus this situation being beneficial for all of us. Please find out how is the process to get your press badge below.


Request registration only if you work in specialized media of the sector. Otherwise, your request would be rejected. Without exception.

Have in mind:

  • The access is free of charge only for specialized media.
  • Registration is personal and non-transferable. We will not give registration to the communication media staff belonging to administrative and/or commercial areas.
  • During the event specialized media registrations will NOT be processed.
  • The organizers reserve the right of admission and permanence.

Coming soon, register here

Press Contact

Should you have any query, do not hesitate to contact the Press and Digital Communication team.

Ignacio Pérez

Digital Communication and Press Analyst

Ignacio Pérez

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