Salón Moto
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Exhibition grounds

Salón Moto covers 2 halls of La Rural Trade Center, with an area of 20,000 sqm. 

Exhibition Ground 2018

Salón Moto
updated to 10.12.2018

updated to 10.12.2018

Access to the exhibition

Access to the exhibition

When arriving at La Rural Trade Center of Buenos Aires, located in Palermo neighborhood, have in mind that the two access points are:

Av. Sarmiento 2704 (pedestrian / parking lot)

Cerviño 4476 (parking lot)

Access the exhibition through Hall 1 or 2.

Tickets on sale!

During only 4 days you can enjoy countless activities and conferences given by known referents of the sector. You should be there!

Coming soon on sale.

  • By Car
    Access to parking lot: 2704 Sarmiento Avenue or 4476 Cerviño Street
  • By Taxi
  • By Bus
    Lines: 12 - 15 - 29 - 34 - 37 - 39 - 41 - 55 - 57 - 59 - 60 - 64 - 67 - 68 - 93 - 95 - 108 - 111 - 118 - 128 - 152 - 160 - 161 - 194
  • By Metro
    D Line, Plaza Italia station.
  • By Train
    San Martín Line, Palermo station
    Mitre Line, Ministro Carranza station / 3 de Febrero station

Information Booths

Salón Moto

Are you looking for a specific exhibitor's booth? Do you want to know which activities are carried out during the day? Where are exhibitors’ conferences given? Where is the business center located? These and many other questions will be answered in the information booths distributed throughout the exhibition. You can locate them easily since they are identified with an “i” letter. A gentle hostess will help you and answer all your queries.

Take part in Salón Moto!

For exhibitors

All you need to know to organize your participation.

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For visitors

Know the most important data to plan your visit through the exhibition.

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For journalists

Access to useful and accurate information for making a good coverage

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