General view of Salón Moto

Information for exhibitors

All you need to know about the exhibitors world! From adquiring your booth to the organization process, during and after the event.

Reasons to participate

  • Presence: Position your company in the national and international market and before more than 60,000 people.
  • Launches and demos: Take advantage of this opportunity to show your new models and give product demos to all the fans.
  • Bussiness opportunities: Take part in the matchmaking programs and get the chance of expanding your horizons worldwide.
  • New contacts: Generate new commercial relationships and create loyalty in the existing ones. 

How to participate

See the different ways in which you can be part of Salón Moto.

Raw Space Booth

Raw Space Booth
The exhibited image is only provided as illustration.

It includes:

  • Exhibitor’s manual
  • Exhibitors’ registrations
  • Appearance in the event webpage
  • General security
  • General cleaning of common areas
  • Recommendations about freight forwarders for your cargo
  • Advice about trips and stays

Hire your booth now

Download the participating offer, fill it in and send it by email to the commercial team.

Available soon.

General Regulations

Get information on the event standards: regulations, admission, booth hiring, forms of payment, security standards, badges, etc. 

Regulations 2024: Avaliable soon.

Request other services

Now that you are an exhibitor of Salón Moto, do you know what else do you need for your booth? With an extra cost, you can hire:

  • Additional equipment for your booth
  • Bilingual hostesses
  • Optic pencil service

Exhibition’s calendar

Exhibition’s calendar

Know the days and hours of assembling, exhibition, and disassembling to plan your attendance.

Available soon

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